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is the oldest and most natural form of diving with only a single breath. It has been used for thousands of years to collect shells, pearls, sponges and to catch fish.

Gradually, over several decades, freediving has found a place in competitive sport where longer apnea times, distances and depth performances have been achieved.

Come and experience the feeling of being one with the sea, dive into the realm where life once began. Enjoy the peace and quiet, surrounded by an incredible variety of life.

Freediving improves physical and mental self-awareness and will help you to harmonize this interaction better.

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Moalboal belongs to the Central Visayas, a group of islands in the centre of the Philippines archipelago. It is part of the province Cebu, located in the southwest of the island, about 90 km away from Cebu City!
How to get there
After arriving in Cebu City, take a bus in southern direction (from south bus terminal) with Ceres buses or others and get off in Moalboal City. From there, use a tricycle or motorcycle and go to the Kasai Village Dive Resort. (tricycle 70-100 Peso, motorcycle around 40 Peso, depends how good you can bargain). The cheapest places to stay are in Panagsama, around 2 km away from Kasai!


Busy world we’re living in is keeping many of us in the loop of negative stress, mental discomfort and general health abandon. With things we like we can channel ourselves on the right path and gain life quality by changing our routine with something nice, fun, rewarding and challenging.

Freediving is living the life in the present moment without surrounding interferences. It is a value which is giving us so much but it’s nearly impossible to paint it with words. Maybe we can share the same feelings Alpine climbers in the mountains, astronauts who make their child dreams happen, artists absorbed into their work where every gesture, word, voice, sound or movement is crucial.

Freediving is obviously reflecting on our everyday life in the way to tune the mind and the body into one whole well balanced structure which can with regular activity makes us physically super fit and mentally stronger. During all of our courses we’re correcting your breathing routines with more correct patterns which can benefit our life quality or at least boost life energy and relaxation. Gaining the power of breath and other Freediving features will not just help you to stay longer underwater but will help you to dive deep into yourself and hopefully find the rewarding part of this beautifully activity.

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