Discover Freediving

January 22, 2016

This is a basic entry-Level course which covers the essential techniques needed to freedive safely in a confined water environment.

This course is open to adults (+16 years with parental consent) who are healthy and comfortable in swimming or snorkelling. It covers theory, breathing and breath hold techniques, pool training and safety. After successfully completing the Discover Freediving course, you will be able to hold your breath for over 2 minutes and will be able to participate in Dynamic and Static training and competitions.

This course does not include depth training, but you will be allowed to complete the Level 1 Freediver course in only 1 day instead of 2 or you can continue with the “Adventure Freediver” course.

To complete this course, students will need to fulfill these core requirements:

– Complete a 2 minute Static breath hold
– Perform a confined water rescue
– Dive a distance of 25m in a pool with fins
– Achieve a 70% minimum pass rate for the theory exam


Prerequisites :

18+ years of age or

16+ years with parental consent or

14+ years with parental consent and physician’s signature on the medical questionnaire,

comfortable swimming and snorkelling, signed medical questionnaire and liability release form.


Price : 7000 Philippine Peso including certification fee (+500 Peso for equipment rental)