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July 14, 2017

Tips for a healthier lifestyle

Prolog :

We are living in an era of fraud, not just in banking, government, education, religion, information and healthcare, but in food!!!

Nutrition is closely linked to our highest good, our health. Unfortunately, for the most diverse reasons, we do not question enough about the practices of the commercial food industry. Neither the physical nor the mental health of the people is in the foreground for them. Profit also seems to play a major role here.

So we overflow our body daily with destructive food and food additives which must have consequences after countless years of mistreatment. So-called “lifestyle diseases” such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, arthrosis, chronic illnesses and diabetes, to name just a few, are the results. Conveniently, our “healthcare” system is designed to cure primarily symptoms, not its real causes, supporting so this fraudulent system.

Commercial produced fruits and vegetables are grown in abused, bastardized, mineral-poor, depleted soil which is saturated with poisonous synthetic chemical fertilizers. The chemical poisons from the fertilizers are absorbed into the plants we eat.

Those products, which look all so pretty in the supermarket, are furthermore heavily sprayed with pesticides, herbicides and other killers which not only kill bugs and weeds, but kill you also – little by little with each mouthful.

In fact, likely everyone on earth, including our animals, have toxic pesticide residues in the body that contaminate and irritate our cells. Washing, it may remove a little, is generally ineffective.

This is the food we are eating today!!!

The commercial food industry is not a friend and they are not looking out for our best interest. They attack us with healthy-sounding buzzwords and phrases, but, for the most part, are trying to catch our attention to sell us cheap, destructive, non-nutritious junk.

No matter how many labels and fancy words you find on a package, always read the label and know what ingredients are what. Know the whole story.

The facts :

400,000,000 tons of chemicals are produced each year!

140,000 tons of pesticides are sprayed annually in Europe!

If our corrupted governments don’t stop the increased application of genetically modified organisms (GMO’s), I predict, that cancer and other related diseases will grow exponentially!

The only animals that are really getting sick in the animal kingdom are us, and the animals we feed. Doesn’t that tell you something?

Main part :

I am aware that I can not list all things that you have to banish from your life, but with this article, a first good start should be made to reduce those pollutant food.

The speech is in part 1 about :

1. cooking oils

2. refined grains

3. refined sugar

4. refined salt

5. hormones in plastic and environment

In part two I will talk about:

Pesticides, flavor enhancers, colorings, preservatives, antioxidants, emulsifiers, stabilizers, acidifiers, gelling -and- thickeners, coating agents, and genetically modified food!