Survival Breath Hold

March 22, 2017


This is a breath-hold course specifically designed for surfers and water users who encounter big wave conditions and are forced to hold their breath spontaneously. The course focuses on breathing and breath-hold techniques, handle hold-down situations which are tailored to surf conditions.

The Surf Apnea course is open to healthy water users over 14 years of age. On successful completion you will have held your breath for over 2 minutes, endured a 3-wave hold down simulation, rescued and revived another person and passed an exam which will qualify you for a Pure Apnea certification.

Surf Apnea is a dedicated 1-day survival breath hold course which consists of :

– Theory sessions
– Breathing techniques
– Dry statics (breath holds on land)
– Wet statics (breath holds submerged)
– Ear equalization
– CO2 static table
– 3-wave hold down simulation
– Rescue and revival
– Apnea walking
– Theory exam


Prerequisites :

18+ years of age or

16+ years with parental consent or

14+ years with parental consent and physician’s signature on the medical questionnaire,

comfortable swimming and snorkelling, signed medical questionnaire and liability release form.


Price : 6000 Peso