Level 1 Freediver

January 19, 2016

This is a 2 day foundation course that covers the basics of freediving.

It includes :

Freediving Physiology, Breathing, Safety, Pressure & Equalization, Freediving Disciplines, Freediving Equipment!

(in detail : breathing mechanism, airways, cardio-vascular system, gas exchange, urge to breathe, hyperventilation, breathing before and after diving, rescue scenario and dealing with blackouts, pressure and equalization, freediving equipment)

This course consists of two theory, one confined water and three open water sessions.

To complete this course, students will need to fulfill these core requirements :

– Freedive to 14m (max. 20m)
– Perform a rescue from 8m
– Complete a 2 minute static breath hold (max. 3 min)
– Achieve a 70% minimum pass rate for the theory exam


Prerequisites :

18+ years of age or

16+ with parental consent or

14+ years with parental consent and physician’s signature on the medical questionnaire,

comfortable swimming and snorkeling, signed medical questionnaire and liability release form.


Price : 13000 Philippine Peso including certification fee and equipment (discount with own equipment)