Level 2 Freediver

January 19, 2016

This is a 3 day course designed to equip freedivers with the knowledge and skills to become proficient and independent.

Students will learn to become more energy efficient; to prepare their bodies for increased and decreased pressure on land and water; to perform advanced equalization technique; to organize and run training sessions and to do it all safely!

(in detail : lung and body stretching, lung measurements, failure depth, mammalian diving reflex, training for freediving; anaerobic training – CO2 tables, efficiency; duck dive, dolphin and flutter kick + buoyancy and freefall, advanced equalization technique, deep safety and rescue, buddy system, respiratory barotraumas, LMC – BO – AHB, knots)

This course consists of seven theory, two confined water and four open water sessions.

To complete this course, students will need to fulfill these core requirements :

– Freedive 26m deep (max. 30m)
– Perform a rescue from 15m
– Perform a 30m rope rescue
– Complete a 3 minute static breath hold (max. 4 min)
– Achieve a 70% minimum pass rate for the theory exam

Prerequisites: 18 years of age or +16 with parental consent, completed Level 1 or equivalent, signed medical statement and liability release form.

Although not a prerequisite, it is highly recommended that students complete a CPR and First-Aid course before or directly after this course. DAN or equivalent certifications are suitable.

Price : 18000 Philippine Peso including certification fee (+1000 Peso for equipment rental if needed)