Level 3 Freediver

January 19, 2016

The 4 day Master Freediver course is essential for those who want to freedive deep, freedive competitively or who would like to continue progressing towards Instructor Level.

In this course the emphasis is placed on freediving beyond failure depth, equalizing using the Mouthfill technique, stretching and training techniques that will prepare your body for depth and pressure, learning the physics of deep freediving, deep freediving safety and rescue.

(in detail : lung expansion and contraction – packing and reverse packing, FRC diving, full exhale diving, training for depth, Nutritions – suitable and unsuitable food, Decompression Illness – DCS & AGE, Narcosis, Frenzel-Mouthfill EQ)

This course consists of three theory, one confined water and six open water sessions.

To complete this course, students will need to fulfill these core requirements :

– Freedive 35m deep (max. 40m)
– Perform a rescue from 20m
– Perform a 40m rope rescue
– Complete a 3 minutes and 30 seconds static breath hold (max. 5min)
– Achieve a 70% minimum pass rate for the theory exam

Prerequisites: +18 years of age or +16 with parental consent, completed Level 2 or equivalent, signed medical statement and liability release form.

Although not a prerequisite, it is highly recommended that students complete a CPR and First-Aid course before or directly after this course. DAN or equivalent certifications are suitable.

Price : 20000 Philippine Peso including certification fee (+1000 Peso for equipment rental if needed)