Special Courses

January 19, 2016

judge courseThe Pure Apnea Judge course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to perform judging duties at Pure
Apnea competitive events. The course covers the Pure Apnea rules and regulations, the equipment and preparations
needed to run an event, and judging practice. Candidates must pass a practical and theory exam to become
a certified Judge.Prerequisites: +18 years of age, competition experience or experience organizing competitive
freediving events, hold an active CPR and First Aid certification, signed medical statement and liability
release form. Price : 4500 Philippine Peso  


man freediving finsIn this course we focus on diving without fins, the most natural and challenging form of freediving. First,
we will look behind the technique of this modified breaststroke and discuss it.
man swimming in poolWe will practice the movement on land and water, horizontal and vertical, adjusting depends on the discipline
DNF or CNF, weight and speed! Minimum 1 theory session, 1 pool session and 1 deep dive session on rope. Course
duration depends on your level and your personal desire! With video documentation!   Price : 4000 Philippine

monofinIn this course you will learn how to swim and dive efficiently and harmoniously with the monofin.The course contains
a stretching session specifically for the monofin, movement training without fin with dolphin kick, movement
training with small fins, one
training session with a monofin in pool, a deep dive session vertical on rope.   Course duration depending
on your level and your personal desire. A monofin is not provided! With video documentation! Price : 4000 Philippine

mouthfillDo you have problems with equalization at greater depth? Then learn this deep equalization technique! For this
purpose, we will : Revise relevant anatomy, practice self-awareness training on land, perform dry equalization
exercises on land, dive in open water, vertical on rope. The length of the course depends on your level and desire.

Only for advanced and certified freediver!

Price : 4000 Philippine Peso/day